An Adorable Kitten Adoption Dessert Cafe Exists In Parkside!

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29 January 2018

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In case you weren’t aware, a cat adoption cafe opened its doors in Adelaide last year, where you can enjoy yummy cafes, play with kitties, and maybe even leave with one! 

Yvonne Wong and Kevin Lei are the friends responsible for the Meowme Cat Cafe which is separated into two sections. 

In one room you will find a dessert cafe where you can order all sorts of delicious treats, but while you’re waiting for your food, or perhaps after you’ve finished, you can head over to another room and play with cats in need of a home. 

Look at these kitties! 



If the cats aren’t enough to make you want to go, the boutique cafe offers a variety of desserts and they all look gooooood! 



What: Meowme Cat Cafe

Where: 106 Glen Osmond Rd, Parkside


Monday, 6-10pm

Tuesday, Closed

Wednesday, 6-10pm

Thursday, 6-10pm

Friday, 6-11pm

Saturday, 2-11pm

Sunday, 2-10pm

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