An Adelaide Man Has Gone A Little Indoor Plant Crazy

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The Botanic Designer

We've all been there. You're doing a quick Bunnings run when you realise they have succulents on sale; so you buy a few, take them home, get really excited about them for 3 days, and then they inevitably die. We mere mortals struggle to keep plants alive for more than a week.

Please welcome Marcus to the show. Cosi stumbled upon his collection of indoor plants online and was absolutely blown away!

Marcus has over 400, still living, indoor plants covering his jungle of an apartment.

Don't believe us? Check it out!

Bec and Cosi couldn't believe Marcus' dedication. 

They just had to ask him what started the craze, and which of the plants is the hardest to maintain.

Listen to the full chat here:

Check out Marcus' work on his Facebook page, 'The Botanic Designer'

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19 June 2020

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