Amy Schumer Asks For Advice As She Struggles Through IVF

She even shared a number to call.

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Comedian Amy Schumer has taken to Instagram to share her IVF journey with followers and to seek advice from women who have gone through it.

In May last year, Amy and her husband, Chris Fischer, welcomed their first child, Gene. Now, the I Feel Pretty star is undergoing the egg freezing process in an attempt to have another baby. 

Sharing that she is feeling “run down and emotional” Amy posted a photo of her bruised abdomen and even added her phone number to her Instagram bio for a way for people to share their experiences with her and give advice. 

“I’m a week into IVF and feeling really run down and emotional,” she wrote.

“If anyone went through it and if you have any advice or wouldn’t mind sharing your experience with me please do. My number is in my bio. We are freezing my eggs and figuring out what to do to give Gene a sibling. ❤️

The post has received a lot of attention, with Selena Gomez commenting, “I’m praying for you and chris. I’m sorry!" while Katie Couric wrote “you got this mama❤️❤️ Sending you lots of love ! 😘

Colleen Ballinger also commented “you are amazing. can’t even imagine what you’re going through. sending you all the love and support in the world. 💕"

We're certain a lot of women can relate to Amy's struggle! 

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10 January 2020

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