Amber Means Stop Not Speed Up

Motorists pay big for running the light

13 June 2018

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A $400 fine and three demerit points, that’s what you will be hit with if you chose to beat the amber traffic-light.

It’s the same penalty as running red light.

Whether you simply chose to ignore the light or if you are in a hurry, if caught you will join the list of motorists hit with the large fine that has seen over $600,000 in revenue thanks to fines already handed out.

Warwick police acting officer-in-charge Mick Loveday said it was simple.

"Amber lights mean stop, not speed up and go quicker," he said.

"Running an amber light should be treated the same as running a red light, because the same risk is there."

STOP and avoid the risk and the potential fine – simple really.

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