Alleged Gunman Out On Bail After Shooting Trespasser Chasing His Dog

‘Extremely serious’

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A man who allegedly shot a trespasser chasing a dog on his father’s Central Queensland property has applied for bail.

The shooting victim had trespassed onto the Mackay property to chase after his dog when he was allegedly shot by Luke Peter Barr Burgess.

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Deeming it unjust to keep her client in custody, Defence lawyer Felicity Davis said the offences which occurred at the father’s property, where the firearms were licensed, could instead be conditional as Mr Burgess lived with his mother in Mount Morgan.

Despite Senior Constable Rumford’s opposition to bail being granted, based on the ‘extremely serious’ nature of the allegations, the court was satisfied that the risk of Mr Burgess reoffending would be mitigated by him residing in the Rockhampton region.

The prosecution is expected to provide medical evidence, photographs, and victim statements when court re-adjourns on 15 September.

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5 August 2021

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