All The Signs That Show You Really Are Over 30

Is this you?

Tanya Hennessy

2 February 2018

Tanya Hennessy

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I am 32, and man… I feel it. When I get out of the car, I make a noise and it's confronting. But, besides that I don’t hate being in my thirties.

My 30 year old brain is so much better than my 18 year old “Let's go out and spend all your rent money on vodka and kebab” brain.

Here’s some other ways you know you're 30... 

  • You don't want to leave the house, unless it's to go to the BP for chocolate and you don’t even care that you’re braless.  
  • You discuss the quality of the grout in your new house. 
  • You don't want to wear heels anymore. 
  • The idea of a night club makes you terrified. 
  • You hate washing your hair. 
  • You notice your boobs need more support than you would have thought. 
  • You have a bit more money so you always indulge in the cocktail or exxy wine.
  • You spend more money on food than clothes. 
  • You think a big night is finishing at 11pm.
  • You don't really care about wearing make-up or how you look and you are genuinely surprised at how gross you have let yourself become.
  • Losing weight is fucking hard.
  • Hangovers are a near death experience, it used to be so easy to bounce out of bed the next day when you were 21, at 32 you need life support.
  • Something always hurts, neck, back, wrists… something.
  • You are always tired and if you have kids you are dead everyday.
  • You noticed the greys.
  • You think about uni like it was 4 years ago but it was 10 and that’s confronting.
  • You say things like “back in my day” and “the good old days”.
  • You have a skin care regime.
  • You don’t get dabbing or what some acronyms mean and you worry you're old so you're constantly low key googling it.
  • You need too much notice before an event. When I was 25 I wouldn’t need any – now I need 6 months notice. Literally.
  • People call you maam and mrs – I hate that.
  • Everyday someone's getting engaged or having a baby – your Facebook feed is endless photos of either of these.
  • You genuinely wonder if you can go to music festivals anymore.
  • You know you can't shop at some shops anymore. Farewell Supre.
  • You call people out for their bullshit. 
  • You put up with less of people's crap now.
  • You're only friends with the people you want to be friends with.
  • You're so much more comfortable in who you are. 

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