All The Easter Eggs We’ve Found in Taylor Swift’s New Album

Let the hunt begin!

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Taylor Swift dropped a surprise album last Friday and she has left a trail of Easter eggs for us to find

Well, sh*t well and truly hit the fan last Thursday night when Taylor Swift casually announced she was dropping a new album in less than 24 hours time (Did anyone else cry? Or was that just me?).

Where were all of our hints?! Why didn’t we have to trawl through and decode every single Instagram post she had made over the past few months to try and find the release date, the album title, and any hints of the songs?! Was Taylor ok?

Turns out she was fine, and had actually been productive in isolation (unlike a lot of us), and written, recorded and released an album for us to enjoy, without the usual games. Kind of.

Although the lead up to the release of Folklore was very different from what fans were used to, the album is still riddled with Easter Eggs just waiting for us to find.

Here’s what we’ve found so far:

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27 July 2020

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