ADF Troops Manning Queensland Border

Keeping Queenslanders safe

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The ADF will join police at Gold Coast border checkpoints on Wednesday in a massive effort to stop Covid from spreading across state lines.

Soldiers will help out at checkpoints as the virus is now just 20kms from the western Queensland border.

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll confirmed that 120 extra personnel will be stationed at the checkpoints, as the threat of Covid from NSW grows.

“Another additional 120 people, and I thank the ADF for that we have an amazing working relationship and they are already assisting us in the quarantine hotels.”

This comes after an estimated 1,000 people crossed the border over the weekend protesting the NSW Queensland closure, leading to eight arrests.

With tight border restrictions, Brisbane Covid restrictions are set to ease on Friday, but the Chief Health Officer has hinted mask requirements are likely to hang around.

Doctor Jeanette Young says it might be necessary to keep them handy.

“Because we know how essential they’ve been, so we just might need to look into whether there needs to be an extended period for some mask-wearing.”

24 August 2021

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