ADF Personnel Patrolling Queensland-NSW Border

Protestors be warned

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Dozens of Australian Defence Force personnel have manned border checkpoints overnight, freeing up police resources.

Authorities are hoping to see a significant reduction in traffic from Thursday with a two-week pause on interstate travel now in effect as the state's hotel quarantine system has hit capacity.

The Queensland Briefing

Acting Chief Superintendent Rhys Wildman said officers are bracing for frustration from travellers as the rules change yet again and it's vital the community keep up to date with the information:

"Especially if you are a Queenslander attempting to leave Queensland going into New South Wales, or vice versa. Remembering if you do not meet the essential criteria for entering into Queensland you will be turned around"

Meanwhile, Supt. Wyldman warns police are well prepared if another border demonstration occurs this weekend.

"We are working very closely, hand-in-glove with our New South Wales counterparts, sharing intelligence and other information," he said.

"We will plan, and we will provide an appropriate response based on the intelligence at hand on each occasion"

Meantime, the hard border with New South Wales is likely to remain in place until the end of October, after Queensland Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young proffered earlier in the week that restrictions will be in place for "no longer than 10 weeks".


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26 August 2021

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