Adelaide's Set For Our Warmest Day In 5 Months

Warning for asthma sufferers

Emma Charlton

22 September 2017

Emma Charlton

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Make the most of the warmer weather today but don't be tricked into thinking summer's come early.

SA's set to reach 29 degrees in the City and up to 39 further out.

It's our warmest day in 5 months with temperatures likely to drop to around 20 for the footy tonight at Adelaide Oval.

Rain is forecasted for the rest of the weekend, while other parts of the country will experience heat-wave like conditions, namely New South Wales and Queensland.



It's not great conditions for anyone who suffers from asthma.

As our horror run with the Flu continues, Ambulance officers are warning it's a double whammy for those who're also affected by Hayfever.

The change in weather conditions and high pollen count has forced health authorities to advise anyone with Asthma to keep their puffer and meds handy.

More than 3 million Aussies suffer from the symptoms, such as an irritated nose, throat, eyes and ears.

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