Adelaide Teen Denied Bail After Alleged Planning Of School Massacre

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5 December 2017

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Last week, police revealed that two teenagers had been charged after allegedly planning a school attack in the Riverland region with the plot to “kill as many people as possible”. 

Today, the 16-year-old boy has been denied bail in the Adelaide Youth Court. 

Prosecutors stated that they believe the boy to be too dangerous for home detention bail as he had already obtained weapons, including guns, knives, homemade explosive devices, body armour, bear claws and machetes, and could do the same from his home using the internet. 

“He has the skills to source items to make weapons," stated prosecutors. 

"Your Honour cannot restrict him from having access to household items.

“[The application for bail] all ties back to the likelihood that the accused will try to carry out this attack."

Along with his 18-year-old counterpart, the boys were allegedly planning on carrying out the attack using firearms and explosives sometime between June 1 and November 7. 

"Police will allege that they intended to cause harm to a large number of people, however this plan was thwarted," Detective Superintendent Des Bray said on last week.

"There is no evidence to show that any other person was linked with this matter... Both remain in custody and there is no risk at this time to the community."

Police arrested the boys after receiving information from the public. 

Both were charged with solicit to murder, with the 18-year-old charged with four counts of aggravated threats to kill. 

The teens will face the court again in January, and if found guilty of solicit to murder, could serve a maximum penalty of life in prison. 

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