Adelaide Scientists Develop Life-Saving Weather Warning Technology

Heatwave season is coming.

18 November 2018

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The weather is heating up fast in Adelaide as summer approaches. Today, temperatures are expected to hit 34°C and we know that by January, we’ll all be sweltering.

Usually our eager minds jump straight to thoughts of the beach and summer cocktails, but for our more vulnerable residents like the sick, elderly, and even our pets, this time of year can turn life-threatening.

Now, in some fantastic news, weather experts in Adelaide have obtained a heatwave warning system designed to give us a heads up days before extreme temperates are expected to rise.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s national heatwave project director,John Nairn, told The Advertiser that the predictive heatwave map has been a project in development since a trial in 2014.

Previously existing on the Bureau’s website, the new automatic messaging system will allow messages to be sent out to residents, warning us of extreme weather and allowing us to prepare accordingly. 

“The technology has been maturing but it has only just matured enough, in a digital format, that it is now possible to have a warning,’’ he said.

“We don’t currently do a warning but we now have a product that can do that.”

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