Abby Coleman To Shave Her Head In World's Greatest Shave!

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This morning on Hit105, Abby Coleman revealed to Brisbane she would be taking part in the Leukaemia Foundation's World's Greatest Shave, in honour of her long time friend, whose young daughter, Bridget, battled with an aggressive form of leukaemia. 

Taking to her fundraising page, Abby said the following: 

Several years ago I met a then four-year-old girl called Bridget who was fighting an aggressive form of leukaemia. Her fight and the brave faces her parents had to put on throughout it hit home for me. Bridget fought the cancer, but devastatingly a few years later the cancer returned. I visited Bridget at the Leukemia Foundation's apartments where her family was staying whilst she was undergoing treatment, and I knew how much Bridget's family were feeling the financial strain whilst they focused on her health. I got into the lift in tears leaving that visit, and I promised if Bridget would fight, then one day I would pay it back and shave my head to raise as much money as possible to support another family going through such a battle.

Whilst I’m happy to say that Bridget is now a beautiful 10 year old, there are so many families that are going through the pain she and her family did and I want to raise as much money as possible to help them receive the same great support Bridget's family got from the Leukemia Foundation.

For every $10,000, I will cut off 10cm of my hair, but I want to shave it all off as Bridget herself will be the one shaving it for me and I want to do her proud.


If you can donate, please help Abby to reach her goal!

Listen to the emotional announcement from this morning here:



25 February 2019

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