A Vegan Ramen Restaurant Is Opening Its Doors In Fortitude Valley!

Ramen the natural way!

9 October 2018

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Australia's first and only vegan ramen restaurant opened its doors on the Gold Coast in 2017 and now, has decided to bring it's tasty creations up to Brisbane!

If you've been down to Miami recently, you may have come across I Like Ramen, the one place where you can get yourself ramen that doesn't use bone broth, meat or eggs in its dishes.


Instead, you can choose from spicy kimchi, shiitake, or soy mushroom broth as the base for your dish and top your meal off with a variety of treats including bok choy, fried tofu, or vegan chick’n.

I Like Ramen will even let you deviate from soup, if that's not your game.


It's a great place and will soon be taking over the kitchen at The Flying Cock in Fortitude Valley, replacing The Coop as the go-to place to get a bite before partying on at the Cock.

I Like Ramen will officially take over on October 20 and make way for the unique restaurant, so you've only got a short time left to indulge in The Coop's treasures.

As they say, when one door closes, another opens, so when The Coup's door closes, I Like Ramen's will fly open!

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