A Stunning Walk-Though Vincent Van Gogh Art Exhibition Is Coming To Sydney!

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A new interactive art experience is coming to Sydney celebrating the iconic works of Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. 

Next month, September 18th, Van Gogh Alive will be making its Australian debut at Sydney’s Royal Hall of Industries in the Entertainment Quarter.

Art lovers, or even youngsters discovering Van Gogh’s works for the first time, will be able to stroll through exhibition rooms projecting the artist’s most famous works, synchronised with light, colour, sound and scents!   

“Van Gogh’s works have been displayed and enjoyed around the world for over a century – but never like this,” the description reads.

“From the moment you enter, a powerful and vibrant symphony of light, colour and sound compels you to leave your world behind and immerse yourself in his paintings – an experience that is simultaneously enchanting, entertaining and educational.”

Event runners have ensured that the large-scale, multi-sensory experience will follow strict COVID-19 precautions, with mandatory masks, temperature checks, timed entry with limited ticket availably and a non-touch environment established.

Tickets range from $46 - $52 and are selling out fast! 

You can find out more information here! 

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Entertainment News Team

25 August 2020

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Entertainment News Team

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