A South Australian Toilet Was Just Named One Of The Best In The World!

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15 June 2018

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Look, we don’t want to alarm you, but South Australia just won an award at the International Toilet Tourism Awards, so we’re going to need to update all our tourism campaigns with this great new achievement.

My Travel Research has released the results for the 2018 International Toilet Tourism Awards after submissions hailing from North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

The toilets were judged for their “design, quirkiness, location, accessibility, and economic contribution to their locality”, and the awards are held as a way to “show the close link between innovative, clean toilets with great design and a successful local tourism economy.”

And we won Best Economic Contributor!

The Cummins Mosaic Loo in Eyre Peninsular won the award thanks to the local community converting the public rest rooms into a “public loo with personality”.

“The local community converted a bland red brick toilet block from the former railway station into a public loo with personality.

“Due to word of mouth, tourists now seek out the rest rooms, which feature statues, mosaics and paintings reflecting a more genteel bygone era from the early 20th century.

“Local businesses now benefit from passers by stopping to visit the old fashioned themed restrooms in the centre of town.”


“The way the Cummins community re-invented what was an old existing facility to bring it back to life in a new and quirky way was excellent,” a judge commented.

“The public toilets in the town have become a tourist attraction in their own right, which shows smart thinking by the local community. Unlike some entries in the awards, Cummins has few visitors.

“They have therefore done a great job creating a ‘must-see’ attraction that generates income for local businesses.”


The restroom pays homage to the town’s railway history. Check out inside!


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