A Robot SPACELand Is Taking Over Darling Harbour For Vivid

Perfect for the whole family

Carly Heading

23 May 2019

Carly Heading

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Vivid season has well and truly arrived and if you're looking for something to add to your list that is perfect for the whole family, chuck this one straight at the top!

Robot SPACELand is taking over Darling Harbour.

Its centrepiece is a 16m tall mechatronic unit called Ecobot whose purpose is to save Earth from extinction and advance a sustainable existence.

After assembling itself from crushed cars, Ecobot continues its endless duties crushing and processing old vehicles to extract precious metals and form the building blocks of a new society.

Under Ecobot’s leadership is a band of robots, busy repurposing recycled cars and industrial junk into Tree 1.0 to generate alternative landscapes of organic beauty from the wasteland.

The rugged all-terrain TerraScorp terraforms habitable havens. This construction bot remodels compromised environments and plants nutrient-rich seedlings to nurture new life.

Truth Seeker turns its eyes to the skies, raking the galaxies for intelligence that will help preserve our planet – and us.

On Evolution Island, worker bots labour ceaselessly to convert any remaining industrial waste into lush foliage and atmosphere-replenishing rainforest flora.

Help them succeed in their mission to restore the Earth by cheering them on in person at Vivid! 

If that isn't enough, enjoy the amazing fireworks display above Cockle Bay every Friday and Saturday night during Vivid Sydney, plus the Sunday of the long weekend.

Shows begin at 7:40pm and 9:00pm on the following dates.

  • Friday May 24th
  • Saturday May 25th 
  • Friday May 31st
  • Saturday June 1st
  • Friday June 7th 
  • Saturday June 8th 
  • Sunday June 9th 
  • Friday June 14th 
  • Saturday June 15th

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