A renowned Asian street restaurant is about to land in Broadbeach!


Holly Fallon

26 October 2017

Holly Fallon

Article heading image for A renowned Asian street restaurant is about to land in Broadbeach!

It's paid homage to Asian street food in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast for years. Now it's the Gold Coast's turn to get a taste of Junk Asian.  

And boy, are we in for a treat.

You may have seen it's colorful orange hoarding outside the Oasis in Broadbeach. It's been under construction for a while and after much speculation, the team have officially announced that the popular establishment will open in December this year.   

Joining the likes of Main Street, The Loose Moose and Harajuku Gyoza - just some of the new foodie hang-outs getting our tongues wagging inside the recently refurbished Oasis precinct.


As the name suggests, it has several Asian influences including Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Chinese.

Think: A fuss-free approach to flavours straight off street streets in the East.


Their usual affordable menu has copious amounts of mouth watering delights featuring crispy peaking duck spring rolls, ramen and fried gunpowder chicken ribs. 

Although, we have word that this Broadbeach menu isn't the same - we should expect selections that are even more authentic to the heritage area. 


They say we should #trustthejunk and we can clearly see why.

An official opening date will be announced next month.

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