A Record Number of Aussies Step up to the Vaccination Rollout Plate

Delivering a bushel of jabs

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The Australian Medical Association have welcomed record numbers of Aussies getting vaccinated against Covid-19.

Australia's coronavirus vaccine rollout has come under fire since its launch in February with government projections and population expectations in a constant state of flux.

Its estimated there are now 4.3 million Aussies that have received their first dose of a vaccine, with 500,000 people onto their second jab.

Topping the leader board, Sunday saw 30,000 Australians get their first vax. AMA's Dr Chris Mo said the reason behind the increase is vaccination numbers is people are now ready and willing to get their shots.

"It's happened because of an increase supply of vaccine, but also an increased capacity of GP's and other mass vaccine clinics, but most importantly a willingness from people in the community,"

- Dr Chris Mo

The National Briefing

Meanwhile, the Federal government have been urged to offer cash and incentives to boost slow rates of COVID-19 vaccinations and to counter mounting hesitancy and confusion about a mass inoculation program.

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1 June 2021

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