A Passenger Put On 8kg Of Clothes To Avoid Paying For Excess Baggage


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In a situation we can all relate to, a man chose to wear 8kg of clothes on a flight to avoid paying more for his luggage.

John Irvine was preparing to fly to Scotland from Nice, France on an EasyJet flight when he was told he’d need to pay an excess baggage fee.

Naturally he decided that he’d be better off wearing 15 shirts and jumpers on the flight instead of wasting his money on paying for bags, and proceeded to pile on as many clothes as he could possibly wear.

His son Josh filmed the encounter and shared it on social media.

"My ribs were sore from laughing," Josh told Metro.co.uk.

“The lassie at the counter asked us if we wanted to pay extra but my dad just looked up at her and said “Hen , watch this” and zipped open the suitcase and quickly flung on about 15 jumpers to help cut down the weight.

"The staff were in stitches but trying to get through security was a struggle because they thought he was trying to smuggle something under all his clothes."

Watch the video HEREWARNING: Explicit Language.

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10 July 2019

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