A Million More Reasons To Get Vaccinated

Lottery for life

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In an unprecedented bid to get vaccine jabs into the arms of Australians a $1 million cash prize is up for grabs. 

The campaign launched by 20 philanthropists and corporations, gifts one lucky person with a pool prize that some Aussies only dream about.

Coined as the Million Dollar Vax’, the initiative aims to drive vaccination rates throughout October and help fast-track the national rollout.

Launching on Monday the campaign is also giving away $1000 gift cards daily to those who've been double jabbed or will be within six weeks. 

With prizes exceeding $4.1 million, the campaign is the brain-child of the Million Dollar Vax Alliance, taking a leaf out of America's Vax-a-Million lottery. 

Co-founder of MYOB Craig Winkler said the free lottery focuses on “rewarding people who decide to be vaccinated now rather than waiting”.

“The aim is to accelerate Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination program in a safe way throughout the month of October,”

- Craig Winkler

“The purpose of the promotion is not to convince people to be vaccinated. That’s a decision you should make in consultation with a health professional," he said.

Philanthropy Australia chief executive Jack Heath said the campaign was a “collaborative, targeted intervention that will save lives, ease the burden on healthcare workers, and benefit the wider community”.

Australians over 18 have the chance to win if they are fully vaccinated by six weeks after October 31 and will be drawn on November 5.

Hit News Team

4 October 2021

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Hit News Team

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