A Man Has Died Following A Bruce Highway Crash

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Three people have been arrested following a major Police incident on Nebo Road. Officers blocked off the intersection with Shakespeare Street after spotting two stolen vehicles around four yesterday afternoon. A red sports coupe crashed into the railings and a black Nissan Navara hit another car at the intersection as drivers attempted to evade Police. A blue commodore was reportedly seen fleeing the area with investigations ongoing.

A man has died following a Bruce Highway crash. He was hit by a truck near Bowen around 2:30 yesterday morning, receiving critical injuries. Police have confirmed he has since died in Hospital.

A major cold case trial will be heard in Mackay. The case against a Sydney man accused of the 2007 murder of Jay Brogden at Airlie Beach has been transferred to Mackay Magistrates Court. The man, who was extradited from New South Wales remains in custody with his case scheduled to be mentioned next month. He will not need to appear on this date.

An Eimeo Surf Club member has swam two hundred metres to rescue a stranded kayaker. The man’s kayak capsized off the coast at Shoal Point yesterday morning leaving him stranded and drifting across the beach. Luckily he was wearing a lifejacket as his kayak half filled with water, leaving him breathless as he tried to turn it back over. He was rescued without any injuries.

8 May 2019

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