A Long Lost 'GOT' Character Is Returning In Season 7!


Lauren Payne

15 July 2017

Lauren Payne

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Image: HBO

So... we have some news for you guys.

Ever since the last season of Game of Thrones ended, fans have been speculating what will happen in the new season that premieres this Monday/Sunday (depending on when you're able to watch).

You would have seen A LOT of fan theories circulating the internet but one of them has just been confirmed!

One of your favourite long-lost Game Of Thrones characters is returning for season 7!

And who is it...



Joe Dempsie, the actor who you may remember played young Gendry WAY back in season 3, has confirmed that his character has finally stopped rowing!

He attended the season 7 premiere alongside his co-stars and told the Los Angeles Times that he's so happy that fans want his character to come back.

"Very fortunately from what I've seen, it's been nothing but interest and excitement and some quite witty memes."

Yep, the memes have been incredible...


The official Game Of Thrones Twitter account also commended Joe's return by posting this wonderful picture of him at the premiere.


Obviously, there's no word on when or how Gendry will return but hey, at least we'll FINALLY find out where he's been rowing all this time...


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