A Heads Up The Left Lanes Of The M1 Will Be Truck Central From TONIGHT

Law changes from Springwood to Robina

Claire Sherwood

31 July 2017

Claire Sherwood

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Pic: RACQ 

The law change restricting truck drivers to the two left hand lanes on the M1 between Springwood and Robina comes into play from midnight tonight. 

The change applies to any vehicle weighing more than 4.5 tonne, meaning they have to stay in the left two lanes at all times unless it's an emergency. 

The RACQ's supporting the State Government's move.. Lauren Ritchie saying it simply makes sense. 

"It does reduce the amount of crashes with other vehicles, we do know they are only to be in those two areas, they are generally slower, and keep in mind the road rules do say 'keep left unless passing' so it's a good place for them to be altogether" 

Ritchie says there will be some getting used to the new laws, especially for other road users. 

"For motorists who're entering and exiting the highway, they will have to negotiate these sorts of heavy vehicles.. that might mean slowing down, that might mean speeding up (within the speed limit of course)"

The State Government says the change is about reducing congestion on the State's busiest stretch in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games. 

But for Beenleigh's Ken Wilkie, who's been a truckie for more than 40 years and writes for Owner Driver magazine, it's completely counter-productive. 

"What won't change will be congestion on the freeway. It is probably more likely to be worse, than better. And yet some truck drivers are going to be persecuted by law. 

Truck drivers caught in beach of the law will be fined $126 and 3 demerits, while it's $630 for businesses. 

Wilkie says the punishments put peoples' livelihoods on the line. 

"The three demerit points is an absolute bloody disgrace. The $120-odd dollars is too much but the 3 demerits is an absolute disgrace and whoever came up with that should hang their heads in shame"

"It's brought about by people who really don't know what they're talking about"

"The best I can say about it is it's there to make politicians feel good, but it won't fix the systems" 

Wilkie also worries about the drivers from interstate who may drive the stretch of road once every few months. 

"They're only up here once in 6 month so they may well be out there in ignorance and yet they'll be picked up by the law"

Instead, Wilkie says the answer is education at school level. 

"At least in Year 10.. what other activity do we take part in that is so dangerous and costs so much life?" 




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