A Haunted Queensland Pub Is For Sale! Any Takers?

Buy hotel, get ghosts free!

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This morning on the show, Cliffo & Gabi spoke about The Criterion Hotel building in Maryborough being for sale, but it's also haunted! They were joined by worker Brendan, who had some stories to share.

Ever heard of buy the building, get the ghosts free? Well, now you have! 

You see, there's a lot of history tied in with the building, it's one of the city's oldest hotels. So, you can imagine that there are some spirits around, as people have passed there.

A psychic even went through the building last year and there are some crazy stories there.

Keen to throw in an offer? Don't miss what Brendan had to tell the guys below! 

Missed the chat? Here's what we know about the haunted The Criterion Hotel building: 

Amber Lowther

10 September 2020

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Amber Lowther

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