A Group Of Drunken Melbournians Thought K Rudd Was Their Uber Driver So He Drove Them Into Town

They better have given him 5 stars!

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So, I feel like many of us have done it at least once! After a few cheeky margis with the girls, all you want is a ride home and possibly a McChicken on the way, so in your hast to find your Uber, you open an innocent civilian’s car door and ask them to take you home. Most normal people would correct you and point you in the direction of your actual Uber, but ah, apparently Kevin Rudd is no normal person. 

In a series of hilarious tweets by his daughter Jessica Rudd, a wholesome story unfolds featuring former Prime Minister of Australia, Kev and a group of rowdy Melbournian lunch drinkers looking for a good time.

So, apparently, being the nice guy he is, Kev dropped his family at a restaurant in Noosa so they didn’t have to walk in the rain and while he was creeping past other parked cars looking for a spot, a group of drunken tourists opened his car door and asked him for a lift to the main street.


Instead of telling them they had the wrong car, he invited the group in and drove them to their destination. All his confused family could do was watch as he drove off into the stormy evening with a group of tiddly randoms. 


Now you’re all probably wondering ‘did he rip off his disguise to reveal his true identity?’


Well, not sure how many mimosas this group had at lunch but apparently, they were halfway to their destination (no doubt wondering where the free waters and mints were) before they realised they were copping a lift from the former Australian PM.

According to Kev, the group were caught in your standard QLD “subtropical downpour” and he felt obligated to get them out of the rain.


These lunch time boozers must have had one hell of a story to tell this week - that is if the aftermath of the bottomless bevies hasn’t got them questioning this utterly outlandish tale. So, just in case you Melbournians were questioning what happened after your wet and boozie lunch… it’s true, Kevin Rudd was in fact, your Uber driver. 

I would sincerely love to hear their side of the story.

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Georgie Marr

8 April 2021

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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