A Giant Monster-Themed Exhibition Coming & It’s Genuinely A Thing From Our Nightmares

Thank you, next.

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Monster Creature World

This one is for all you creepy-crawly freaks out there.

There is deadset a mammoth exhibition of monsters coming to Perth, and we aren't just talking about the size of the event.

We're talking giant INSECTS.

The Monster Creature World is making its first-ever debut in Perth at the Claremont Showgrounds from 15th until 24th January 2021.

It will feature very realistic and very big bugs, with everything from slugs to a 6meter tarantula. 

Did we mention they're interactive too? *gulps* 


Not only are these enormous animatronic insects such fun to examine up close, but we can also learn a lot about their importance in our ecosystem, extreme behaviours and the physical characteristics that allow bugs to thrive and survive," the organisation stated.

"School kids and families will experience a bug’s-eye view of their world, explore critter calls, amusement rides a bug train, and participate."

On Thursdays through to Sunday's from 8am to 10pm, park educators will give short insect talks, plus there will also be actual bugs kids can play with...

If that's not your idea of fun, there will be plenty of other activities like jumping castles, colouring-in and reptile displays.

And if you fancy a whirl on any of the rides it'll just be an extra fee per session.

Tickets are $15 kids, $25 adults and $18 for seniors! Otherwise, if you want to gather the troops you can do a family deal for $70 or a group of eight for $150. 

Tickets are on sale now, but they are limited (thank god) so if you fancy seeing a giant bug head here.

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23 September 2020

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