A giant hoola hoop festival is coming to Palm Beach next month

It's a play date for grown ups...

Holly Fallon

20 October 2017

Holly Fallon

They were the latest craze to hit the shelves in the late 50's and made a stylish comeback in the early 90's.

But for many, the ol' hoola hoop will never go out of style.

Do you look less like this...


And resemble moves more like this guy..


Either way, gone are the days of showing off your manoeuvres alone in your bedroom. 

The Biggest Hoop Workout is here on the 19th November at Palm Beach. 

A day of Yoga, Hoop Lessons, Hoop Workouts, Hoop Jams and entertainment.

You don't need to be a "hooper" to join the day, you don't even need to own a hoop. 


But we have been warned that spaces are limited. 

So "hoop" on over and register here


What: The Biggest Hoop Workout

Where: Palm Beach (on the beach) 

When: 19th November 8am - 2pm 

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