A Giant Bread Pillow Exists, Because Carbs Are Life

Fact: Bread makes life better

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

18 April 2019

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Let’s face it - carbs might not be so great for us, but boy oh boy do they make life feel GREAT!


Seriously… carbs are life… Even Oprah knows it!


If you’re one of those people, like us, who LOVE their bread, then we found something that is just right for you: a giant baguette pillow. 

Amazon is selling the 31.5-inch pillow for around $12, as well as smaller 23.6-inch and 11.8-inch versions.

Considering we love anything to do with carbs and things that help us sleep in maximum comfort, everyone is loving this super soft pillow. You can use it as a pillow, a cushion to sit on, or even something to cuddle - but not something to eat!

If you’re still wanting to scream your love for bread from the roof tops, there’s also some baguette slippers on the market. 

If you’ve cut carbs from your diet, then maybe this is the perfect memento to help you cope with your loss.

You can find the pillow online here and the slippers here.  


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