A Giant 2.8kg Bowl of Pho Exists for Just $35

Could you finish it?

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District 8

You will need some extra stretchy pants for this one.

Cabra-Vale Diggers has brought back the mega 2.8-kilogram bowl of pho for just $35.

The iconic dish consists of 750 grams of noodles, 600 grams of beef, 1050 grams of stock, 360 grams of bean sprouts and 45 grams of Thai basil. 

You can either choose to share this delicious deal with friends and fam or if you’re a well-rehearsed pho fan you could up the ante by turning your quiet night feed into a competitive sport. 

Between July 2 and August 28, if you conquer the super-sized bowl solo in under 30 minutes, you'll score yourself a $50 District 8 voucher, a t-shirt and if you're fast enough you could be in the running for a $3000 travel voucher.

The top ten pho slurpers will go head to head in a final pho challenge on September 5th.

The catch? This mammoth bowl is the equivalent to three regular-sized phos and last year's winner finished it in 5.35 minutes.

YIKES! Better start practising our pho skills...

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Eve Swain

9 August 2019

Article by:

Eve Swain

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