A Former Disney Star Has Been Arrested For Armed Robbery

His girlfriend was also arrested.

27 January 2018

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Former Disney star Adam Hicks has been arrested for a series of armed robberies in Burbank, California.

CBS News reported that the actor, who starred in the short-lived Disney TV show Zeke and Luther and also starred in the movie Lemonade Mouth, is accused of four street robberies which were conducted alongside his girlfriend, Danni Tamburo.


Burbank Police Sgt. Derek Green said that the first robbery targeted a 52-year old man who explained that Adam threatened him with a handgun.

"The suspect pointed the handgun at the victim and demanded his wallet.

"Fearing for his life, the victim ran away and was able to escape to safety."

Three additional street robberies were reported within minutes of each other and the additional victims were all able to identify a black Kia that was being used as a getaway car.


Police found stolen property inside the car and later arrested Adam and Danni at their home.

The couple now faces three felony counts of attempted second-degree robbery and two felony counts of second-degree robbery.


If convicted, Adam could receive a maximum sentence of more than 60 years in state prison.

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