A Former Bachelorette Reveals What REALLY Happens After You Leave The Mansion

Behind the scenes goss!

11 August 2017

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We’re in love with the fairytale world portrayed on The Bachelor, but what is it really like to live in the mansion? 

Tiffany from Richie’s season of The Bachelor spoke to Hit92.9’s Heidi & Xavier a few weeks ago about what it’s really like to appear on the show – and she didn’t hold back.


Not receiving a rose is obviously a heartbreaking moment for any contestant, but now we know exactly what happens after the Bachelor says goodbye.   

“It’s actually so horrible when you get kicked out because you have to stay out of the mansion, all the other girls go back to the mansion, and you can almost hear what’s going on,” Tiffany told Heidi & Xavier. “You can see the lights in the mansion. You’re taken out to a spot by the lake or in front of the mansion to do your exit interview and then you get in the limo… The limo doesn’t take you to a hotel. The limo takes you maybe back in a van, with your bags.”

There’s also no way to update your Instagram or message your friends from inside the mansion.   

“Your phones got taken off you as soon as you arrived in Sydney, and you got your phone back when you got in the van.

While the first night seems to happen very quickly for those watching at home, it actually takes two extremely long nights to film. 

“The first night is filmed over two very, very long nights,” Tiffany revealed. “So watching it, the meeting with the Bachelor all happens really quickly, like within half an hour. But realistically that was like five or six hours and you’d be waiting to get your turn to go and have five minutes on the red carpet and meet the Bachelor.

“And then the cocktail party, for the first night, went until about five in the morning.” 

So how do the girls stay awake for all that time? Alcohol is available for anyone that wants it, although you’re definitely not forced to drink.   

“They’re not feeding it to you but it’s there if you want it. If you wanted to drink you could drink, as much as you wanted.”

Even the limo ride on arrival isn’t quite what it seems on the show, because there’s a few other girls still sitting in the car for the entire five second trip.   

“When the limos rock up, it’s not actually different limos are coming. You get taken to the mansion in just a normal car, park on the driveway, and then you get out at this station to touch up your makeup, and you stand there and you wait until the limo comes back down the driveway. Three girls get in, and then you go back up the driveway. You get like a five second limousine ride.”

And yes, the contestants are paid to be on the show – although it definitely isn’t turning them into millionaires! The ladies are paid ninety dollars a day.

So it’s not very much at all, but it was more to cover people’s rent and things if they had expenses at home,” Tiffany said. 

We can’t wait to see what happens on this season of The Bachelor, it’s been a total must watch so far!

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