A Drive-In Cinema Playing Nothing But Disney Movies Is Coming To Sydney!

A dream come true!

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The endless supply of quality film and television we have access to in 2020 has been a real saviour for our sanity this year.

While we may not be able to socialise with the ones we love the way we’re used to, we have been able to binge-watch all those shows we’ve been meaning to catch up on… or just rewatch our favourites.

But one thing you can’t always replicate is a full cinema experience. There’s nothing like sitting in front of the big screen amongst a crowd, laughing and crying together, as you chow down on choc tops and popcorn.

Lucky for us, drive-in cinemas are experiencing a big resurgence with Open Air Cinemas being the latest company to switch to a drive-in approach.

To make things sweeter, the company has teamed up with Disney+ to bring us some of our favourite Disney-owned pictures. If the Sydney program is anything like what’s being aired in Brisbane, we can expect everything from animated classics to Star Wars, Marvel and even 10 Things I Hate About You!

The program, location information and tickets will be released on September 28th, but you can sign up for updates and find out more about the drive-in’s COVID policy here!

The drive-in will run from 22 October - 15 November. 

We can’t wait for this one!

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Entertainment News Team

28 August 2020

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Entertainment News Team

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