A Date Is Rumoured To Be Set For When Sydney Can Start Reopening

Respite is on the way

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Sydneysiders will learn more about the roadmap out of lockdown today. Premier Gladys Berejiklian is expected to set October 18 as the date for Sydney to begin its reopening. 

If case numbers start to drop before that date, we may be allowed to visit our family and friends sooner. 

Rumour has it that parts of Sydney where vaccination rates are high will be the first to see new freedoms. 

Yesterday, the crisis cabinet signed off on the plan to relax restrictions once the population is 70% fully vaccinated with the fully vaccinated allowed more freedoms. 

Pubs, cafes and restaurants can look forward to reopening their doors once that target is met. 

“What we’re providing in the roadmap is how businesses have to function and how people can interact with businesses. But there’s a whole set of restrictions around social gatherings and catching up with people. We’ll be reviewing those and if the case numbers come down there’s a chance that some of those can be relaxed before that date.”

- NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian

More to come on this story after the announcement. 

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9 September 2021

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