A Cool Change Is FINALLY On Its Way

Yes please!

Eve Swain

29 January 2018

Eve Swain

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Feeling exhausted and dehydrated after your much-needed long weekend?

It turns out that we’ve been sweating through the most humid week in 15 years.

But the good news is that there is relief in sight.

“From Friday to Sunday the humidity did not drop below 65 per cent at any point during night or day,” Weather Zone senior meteorologist  Jacob Cronje told Hit.

The expected change will be felt in the next 24 hours.

“A cool change should come through at about 11pm onwards,” Cronje said.

With a few showers over the next couple of days we will see the high humidity levels drop as well as the average temperature all over Sydney.

“We are also expecting day time temperatures to have cooled significantly in the wake of this change, so low 20s are expected well into the weekend.”

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