A Collector’s Edition ‘Stranger Things’ Monopoly Set Is Coming!

Enter the Upside Down

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I’m well and truly late to the game, having only just finished the first season of Stranger Things, but I can now say that I understand the hype.

Stranger Things is something epic. 


The pop culture phenomenon has already spawned a whole lot of merchandise, but Monopoly’s new Stranger Things Collector’s Edition board game is one piece of fan merch you need in your home. 

The Upside Down is a bigger threat than ever before in this special edition of the friendship-ending game, as you race between the tunnels under Hawkins to buy as many properties as you can before your mates do. 

In this edition, the game features Forts and Hideouts instead of Houses and Hotels - and the Hideouts are glow in the dark! 

New Stranger Things-themed tokens will let you play as:

  • One of Eleven’s Eggos
  • Police Chief Jim Hopper’s hat
  • An 80s cassette tape
  • Max’s skateboard
  • Steve’s nail-filled baseball bat
  • And more!

There’s even Upside Down cards that can change a fortune and provide special powers!

Here’s everything the new board game will feature:

  • “EXCITING UNBOXING EXPERIENCE: This Collector's Edition of the Monopoly game has a Stranger Things theme, inspired by Seasons 1-3 of the popular Netflix Original Series
  • "COLLECTOR'S EDITION: The Monopoly: Stranger Things Collector's Edition game is awesome for Stranger Things fans; it features tokens, artwork, and themes based on the first 3 seasons of the Netflix series
  • "CARDS AND TOKENS: Each one of 11 tokens relates to a character in the series. The game also includes Transmission cards, Upside Down cards, Forts, and Hideouts
  • "SPECIAL FEATURES: The special 4-sided die lets players move their tokens between the tunnels under Hawkins to advance quickly. Players can choose to use the Upside Down cards to raise the stakes
  • "GLOW IN THE DARK: The 2 standard dice and Hideouts glow in the dark for an even more exciting gaming experience.”

The game ships in December and will retail for about $50.

You can pre-order it at GameStop HERE


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