9 Christmas Gift Ideas You’ve NEVER Seen Before!

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10 December 2017

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You know those people, the ones that come Christmas time are impossible to buy for because they already have EVERYTHING?

Bree and Gawndy have come up with a list of gift ideas that we guarantee you’ve never seen!



The Animal Hair Watch;

  • Looking for something extra personal this year? Just collect all the leftover cat hair around the house to create the perfect personalised creepy gift!


Bacon Seasoning;

  • Because it’s bacon that’s why!


Eyebrow Wigs;

  • For both Men and Women; Because we all know “never trust someone with bad eyebrows”


The iPhone selfie fan;

  • For those not-so-windy days to get the picture perfect windswept hair.


Red Wine Ice Cream;

  • What’s better than your favourite past time, eating ice cream? When you team it with your other favourite… WINE!

Sh*t and Stroke;

  • Let’s be honest… We all get bored in there.


Skunk Lock;


  • At least it’ll be easy to figure out who tried to steal your bike … Stanky!


Smart Duvet;

  • No more fights over the bed covers! P.s for the lazy ones, it makes the bed for you!


Tactical Bacon;

  • Because it’s bacon, that’s why!
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