7 Tips For Living In Share House Harmony

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Julia Foskey

18 January 2018

Julia Foskey

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Life in a share house can be tough. Whether you're living with friends or strangers, issues will definitely arise! 

We've teamed up with Ferratum Money to bring you the ultimate tips for living in share house harmony. 

1. Cleaning Roster

A casual attitude to looking after your new home just isn't going to cut it! On day one you need to establish a cleaning roster. Come up with a list of tasks, and decide whether you are rotating them each week or if you'll each take responsibility for a few of them on a regular basis. You're making a commitment here, so you have to follow through. 


2. Pick Up After Yourself

That cleaning roster doesn't mean that your housemates are your servants. Nobody else should have to clean up your mess. Cooked dinner? Wash your plates and the saucepan. Been eating snacks on the couch? Walk your rubbish to the bin and make sure you haven't left any crumbs in front of the TV. Put your personal belongings away and don't leave them lying out in the hallway for anyone to trip over. 


3. Respect The Bathroom

You might be lucky enough to live in a house where you have your own bathroom. But more likely, you're sharing a bathroom with at least one other person. Don't spend too long in there, particularly during peak times like when you're all getting ready for work. Equally, if your housemate is spending so much time in the bathroom in the mornings that you're late for work then you need to have an open and honest chat with them and try to work out a timesaving system. And don't hog all the space in the shower caddy! 


4. Sort Out Your Finances

Living in a share house means you'll have a lot of split bills. Make sure you keep track of big bills and when they are due. Plus you also need to know who is paying each bill and how much money you owe them. An app like Splitwise will make this process much easier as you can create an itemised list of who owes what. Chasing your housemates for money is not fun, so much sure you pay up on time. 


5. Know Who Owns What

Is the milk shared? Will Sarah get annoyed if you use her tomato sauce? Is Teagan sick of everyone eating off her special plates? Does Jess feel like she buys the toilet paper every single time? Decide early on whether you're sharing food and other household necessities, and make it known if there's anything you don't want anyone else to use. And don't eat food that doesn't belong to you!


6. Decide On Quiet Time

Most people living in share houses operate on different schedules to their housemates. Some of your housemates might be night owls, while you might be an early riser. Whatever the case, you need to establish quiet time. This could mean no watching TV without headphones after 10pm, or no blow drying your hair at midnight. Of course there are exceptions, and you can't get angry at someone just because they had to get up in the night to grab a glass of water and made a bit of noise! But generally quiet times will create a more harmonious house.


7. Organise Weekly Time Together

You don't have to spend all your time with your housemates. But you live together, so make some time and enjoy each other's company! Organise a weekly dinner, get together to watch the latest episode of The Bachelor or just pick a show on Netflix to binge watch together. You're one step away from living out your Friends or New Girl share house dreams.

Author's note: This article is proudly sponsored by Ferratum Money. 

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