6 Ways To Make Sure We Get Rain In Townsville

It's meant to be on the way...

2 March 2017

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So we've had a quick a Google of the upcoming weather and it's promising thunderstorms for the next few days (which usually includes rain- right?). 

We've penciled down a few tactics we could all try, to make sure the weather report actually happens. 

1. Leave your washing on the line 

"Of course it decides to rain just as I hang the clothes out!"- everyone has said that at least once. 

So collect all those dirty socks and get washin'!


2. Hit up the car wash 

It's become part of our routine since water restrictions have come in, to use the nearest car wash instead of soaping our vehicles up in the front yard. So get your wheels to the car wash ASAP because as it's been said many times before... "I just washed my car, I bet it'll rain now"


3. Plan a backyard party

Don't actually plan one, just pretend you're going to be hosting lots of people in your backyard. The weather gods will hear your plans and be sure to send some rain down in hope of your ruining your event. 


4. Kill a spider

There's an Old Wives Tale floating around that says "If a spider you should slay, rain will follow within a day". 

It's worth a try! 


5. Wash your outside windows

Some thorough Googling gave us this idea. Get your hands on the Ajax and a Chux and wash away! Apparently it'll rain within 8-24 hours. 


6. Watch out for Cockies 

If you have a super clean home you won't be able to experience this...BUT rumour has it that if you see or make a cockroach fly, it'll rain for seven days- send her down Hughie!


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