6 places where you can get incredible grazing platters on the Gold Coast

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Amber Lowther

6 December 2017

Amber Lowther

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Forget running around like a headless chicken an hour before your gathering to get everything prepared! Forget the crazy amounts of washing up that needs to be done! Platters and grazing tables are quickly becoming the go-to solution when it comes to celebrating a milestone or simply winding down with a few friends. Here on the Gold Coast, we really do have the best backdrop to enjoy when it comes to sinking our teeth into a delicious assortment of goodies. Want to nibble on antipasto overlooking the water? Not a problem! Want to celebrate a special occasion in your own home? That's ok too! You can do all of that with these platter-creating goddesses (and gods) based right here on the Gold Coast: 

Your Platter Matters

Megan Fernandez is the creative brains behind Your Platter Matters. After making a platter for her birthday and receiving positive feedback, Megan decided to make them for any possible occasion.Fast-forward to now, Your Platter Matters is a hugely successful business having created platters for Sophie Monk, Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, Diner en Blanc and Tammy Hembrow and more! Just look at the Your Platter Matters Instagram and you'll be booking your own platter in no time! 

LoveLane Platters

LoveLane Platters creates customised platters and grazing tables for every occasion. Whether you're after a bit of everything, want to cater for a chocoholic or simply want to share a antipasto platter between a few friends, LoveLane can do it all! They also arrange super cute picnics at Burleigh Hill with delicious platter boxes ready to be devoured!

Gold Coast Grazing Platters

Andrea is the foodie behind Gold Coast Grazing Platters, who offers platters for different sized groups and requirements. You could be after a simple platter board to enjoy beachsize, a 1 metre artisan feast for family or show-stopping grazing table for a big group of people - Gold Coast Grazing Platters has it covered! 

Platter Up

Platter Up definitely don't do things by halves, having some of the most intricate and detailed platters and gourmet grazing spreads on the Gold Coast. You'll be treated to deli delights, sweet treats, fresh fruit, savoury bites and more - so, there's no chance you'll go hungry! Having catered for The Stafford Brothers, Brooke Evers, engagement parties, bridal showers are more, there are so many reasons why you should check out Platter Up!

The Platter Queen

At The Platter Queen, their passion for food comes from their European heritage, which is displayed in their visually-appealing grazing boards! You can look forward to munching on decadent cheeses, cured meats, flavoursome dips, fresh seasonal fruits and more. If there's one thing The Platter Queen has down pat, it's their presentation - they make every single section look incredible! It makes the perfect Insta snap too! 

Guilty Pleasure Platters

Whether you're after a convenient platter box to surprise your friends or partner with or a table spread to knock the socks off your guests, Guilty Pleasure Platters has this in the bag! Here, the platters taste as good as they look and the assortment of flavours, savoury eats and sweets is enough to make any stomach rumble! Expect an explosion of colour in each platter box and table spread to give you all of those summer vibes. 


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