50 Thoughts I Had When Watching Netflix's 'Birdbox'

So. Many. Emotions.

Mary Hakimi

9 January 2019

Mary Hakimi

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Image: Mary Hakimi/Netflix

Birdbox will take you through a whirlwind of emotions... as you'll soon be able to tell. I heard mixed reviews but I thought I'd give it a go. Overall, it was a bit cliche, but it was not bad at all. Here were all the things running through my head as I watched the 2-hour length Netflix film. P.S. The film is in two different timelines, five years ago and the current time.

1. What the heck, Sandra Bullock is a really strict mum

2. Who didn’t actually want her kids?

3. Ok WTF!! 


4. Nooooo the sister

5. Sandra Bullock looks good with short hair though

6. Yeah pregnant ladies united

7. I don't trust the bald guy aka Douglas at all

8. Driving blind seems really safe (no it doesn’t at all)

9. That's a really good car for this kind of situation and also, this is kind of the scariest car ride in the world

10. Jackpot!! Supermarket, finally something good

11. Tom is super cute. Malorie should totally hook up with him


12. Doug was nice for a second, didn’t last very long though, did it?

13. That voice is hella weird and he’s got a weird name too, Fish Finger? Who named you?

14. No wtf Charlie, no, no, no :'(

15. Are you SERIOUS right now, Lucy and Felix?!

16. Awww lil' girl bless her heart, poor thing just trying to help Mal

17. Wow, ok, Olympia is stupid as heck

18. Lol old lady showed Douglas though

19. That’s a bit of a promise - Mal doesn’t seem too keen

20. Ohhhh so the lil girl is Olympia’s…That took me a while to figure out

21. Both their babies are coming on the same day?? Haha like fake twins

22. Why’s the new guy alone and what’s he doing with those creepy-a$$ drawings

23. Why did he put the birds in the freezer? What a psychopath


24. Omg I’m scared  

25. Ok… Now he is opening all the windows, great this guy is bad news!!!

26. The new guy is an actual P.O.S.

27. Douglas, the resident asshole, to the rescue! Who’d have thought?


29. Just in time.

30. Aw they’re together now - I mean everyone saw that coming, though

31. Oh, so that’s why she’s on a river for so long

32. So their names are actually boy and girl, cool

33. Preach it, Tom— he’s got a point but I also see Mal’s point too

34. Tom is going to sacrifice himself omg

35. Ok I have literal goosebumps

36. Poor Malorie 😢

37. Ok, I highly doubt they’ll survive those rapids

38. How????

39. Ok, those kids are screwed now for sure

40. Keep your blindfold on kids!!! The voice is fake, don’t listen to it!

41. I’m so anxious


42. Oh, thank God!

43. Are the woods talking or what?

44. Malorie is so strong, I could not carry two lil kids on my arms, that’s for sure

45. Rick better not screw them over

46. Oh, he’s blind, phew!

47. Wow what a beautiful place for children and birds

48. Her doctor from the beginning- that’s kind of random

49. Aww Olympia and Tom <3

50. Omg I am crying again

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