5 Tips For A Better Sleep

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Find yourself struggling to drift off and stay asleep at night, or get your butt out of bed in the mornings?

If your hectic life is interrupting with Mother Nature’s best immune boosting, hormone replenishing, muscle building, fat burning, energy generating slice of magic, you need to read this!

Our fitness experts, the BUF Girls shared their top 5 tips for better sleep and more get-up-and-GO when your alarm goes off.

Improve your sleep with these 5 practical steps

  1. Turn off all your screens at least an hour before bed. That includes your computer, TV, iPad and yep, your phone too! This might be a good time to head out on a night walk, meditate, or cuddle up for a chat over a cup of herbal tea with a loved one
  2. Try using a magnesium supplement or even better, a magnesium oil before bed – we love Salt Lab magnesium oil rubbed on the tummy and under the feet for incredible, deep sleeps!
  3. Listen to some soothing music or read a (non-work) book. If you have Spotify, hit up Max Richter’s album “From Sleep”
  4. Sip on drowsiness-inducing herbal teas after dinner, rather than sugary treats that wind you up. We love chamomile, oat flower, or valerian tea varieties
  5. Invest in a “Lumie” alarm clock to wake up fresh! These magical clocks wake you up with a half-hour artificial sunrise, so for those of you waking up in the middle of the night for shift work, or hitting the gym super early when it’s still dark, you won’t believe how much fresher you feel with this over a more traditional alarm clock – it’s pure magic!

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Libby Babet

28 June 2017

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Libby Babet

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