5 things you never knew your air con was doing to your health

This is scary stuff...

In association with Asset Aircon

16 April 2018

In association with Asset Aircon

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We are smack bang in the middle of the hottest period on the Gold Coast, which means: the beaches are full, gelato stands have long lines and the air conditioning is cranking at home.

In no particular order, these three things are the best ways to keep cool in the heat, but you may not realise that your air conditioning may be doing some serious harm to your health.


We've teamed up with the guys at Asset Aircon to make sure you're not getting any nasties from the one thing that we love the most in Summer. 

Here are 5 things you never knew your air con was doing to your health: 



This might be the worst for your health and if often hidden in every nook and cranny of your air conditioning. 

Not only does it cause allergies and asthma, in some cases, it could even lead to pneumonia and severe infections. Many people fail to realise that the air that circulates in their homes is twice as hazardous as the air outside because it carries with it mould spores.

The insides of your air conditioners are the perfect breeding ground for mould to thrive because it’s dark and moist.

 Keep in mind that mould can grow quickly without you noticing it and they can grow in multitudes and wreak havoc if you don’t have it regularly cleaned.



Not sleeping like a baby? It could be the air conditioning. 

Urban warming is to blame for temperature not cooling enough at night. However, high-quality sleep can still be realised if the room temperature is controlled effectively with an Air conditioner.

The general belief is that having the AC on all night is bad for your health. Also, quite a few of us experience chills while sleeping and awakening due to cold temperature.

But don't stress, Airflow velocity in the sleeping environment can be configured with the Air conditioner’s control panel. 

Bad for babies


It's only a myth that you cannnot expose a baby to the air-conditioning.

In fact, a baby sleeps better in an air-conditioning room with a comfortable temperature at around 22⁰C to 27⁰C as long as air vent should not blow direct to baby and chill her/him. An air-conditioning room is also to prevent heat rashes and dehydration. 

There is a way to program your air conditioner to function at set temperatures and set the air flow so that your baby is not affected by direct air flow.



Not true for the Gold Coast; when humidity levels rise our bodies cool off by perspiring.

Our location is humid, the air has more moisture in it, making it more difficult for our sweat to evaporate.  Pores on the skin function to absorb moisture, which is normally a good thing.

However, high humidity levels can lead to excess sweat and oil production to the point where pores become clogged, resulting in acne breakouts. Additionally, high humidity promotes the growth of bacteria and mold resulting in skin irritation and redness. 

By booking in annually to have clean fresh air with a preventative maintenance program.  

Making people sick at work


This will only happen if the filters are dirty and not cleaned regularly. 

In Summer we all experience mental sluggishness that comes with a day that is just too hot. There’s actually a scientific basis for this, the energy the body expends trying to cool itself down takes away from our ability to think and reason. When offices are air conditioned, people are able to work better and make better decisions. 

If you have the airflow and temperatures controlled it can assist even a small business to keep their employees comfortable in their working environment.


But none of this will happen with regular maintenance from Asset Aircon services.

Don’t wait until you, your family or your workplace become sick. Take the initiative and contact Asset Aircon to take care of mould and the air flow for your baby, skin, workplace and sleep environment. 

Give them a ring and a technician will be at your door to service and maintain your air conditioning unit today. 

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