5 signs you're run down

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In association with Gold Coast Holistic Dental Care

14 November 2017

In association with Gold Coast Holistic Dental Care

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Being run down is never a good thing, it takes over our bodies and leads us to chronic stress. There are many different signs that lead to a burnout or being run down, and it's important to identify these as they're happening to avoid going into that emotional rut. If you're finding the below symptoms are matching up with what's happening to you, there are ways to catch them before they dampen your spirits: 

1. Lack of concentration

When we're overtired and experiencing chronic stress, we tend to have tunnel vision and focus on the negative, leading to our concentration going out the window. Understand where your focus needs to be, take short breaks and calm your brain before performing a task to help you concentrate better.

2. Muscle pain

You might find your muscles and joints are aching with no clear reason why. If you're experiencing chest pain, fainting, shortness of breath, it's best to seek medical attention. If you're just finding you're a bit achy, try taking some time for yourself and try a relaxing treatment like Flotation Therapy! It takes the pressure off your bones, muscles and joints and helps you switch off.

3. Getting sick often

Chronic stress weakens the body, making us more vulnerable to illness. If you're feeling congested and have cold-like symptoms, try booking in for Infrared Sauna Therapy. The heat can help relieve congestion, assist with circulation throughout the body and get those white blood cells going to fight out illness! Using this technique is great for when you feel the flu coming on. 

4. Mood swings

If you find you're feeling quite irritable and overcome with emotion, this could be a sign of a burnout. Stress can cause a lot of negative reactions, anger being one of them. Try breathing techniques to assist you before responding to someone or something in anger. Take care of yourself and work on things to help you. This could be as simple as getting a relaxation massage or trying Reiki Healing Therapy to help reduce stress and clear the mind. 

5. Having no motivation

You might love your job or really enjoy a certain hobbie of yours, but find your motivation is decreasing. While this isn't too unusual, it could be a sign of being run down or heading for a burnout. Talk to your boss, make healthy eating choices and exercise, and most importantly, recognise why you're feeling this way. If nothing is working to help you regain your motivation, it's best to seek medical attention. 


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