5 Reasons It’s Not All Doom And Gloom.

Dust Off Those Smiles!

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Comedian Russell Howard used to host a segment called It’s Not All Doom and Gloom, in which he would highlight stories of joy from around the world. He was, however, doing this in a world ticking along as expected - in the time before work pyjamas and non-work pyjamas, mandatory personal space bubbles, or getting to know your Uber Eats drivers by name.     


What he discovered was this: there’s far more that brings us together than keeps us apart. This wonderful thought-spark is the inspiration behind Together Not Alone. It’s an online space to celebrate the silver linings in all this Covid-19 upheaval, the people and businesses who are taking it in their stride and managing to kick some butt. Together Not Alone takes a wonderfully local approach, so we thought we’d add a few further afield feel-good stories to the mix.  

Rainbow Trail Australia

This Facebook group aims to spread a little sunshine and colour by asking members to decorate their windows and paths with colourful drawings and well wishes. You’ve probably seen these artworks in your own neighbourhood!

 Street Libraries

Set up alongside bike paths and walking tracks, locals are sharing and swapping books on a serve-yourself basis. They make sure everyone has access to a great book… after making sure they’re sanitised, of course!


#TheDrivewayProject on Instagram

The premise is simple – gather everyone from your household, get on your glad-rags and head to the driveway for a photo shoot. From a socially safe distance, photographers have been capturing the glorious, the ingenious and the downright sweet.  

Keep the change

In support of local businesses, Aussies have been digging deep and “buying ahead” from services closed by Covid-19. A pre-paid haircut, dance lesson and bar tab are just a few examples of this buy-now-use-later generosity.

Some Good News

Actor John Krasinski is putting his downtime to good use by producing his very own YouTube news network. As the name suggests, this is a great place to go if you want to see the best being brought out in many around the world.




Feeling the vibe? It’s time to hear from you, Newcastle! We know that amazing stuff has been happening right here, under all our noses. After all, Newcastle is populated by some pretty rad peeps. So jump onto the Together Not Alone stories page or their Facebook Page and get sharing! They want to hear all about communities banding together, individuals going above and beyond or stories of success in the face of Covid-19 adversity.  

Together Not Alone is an initiative of Out of the Square partnered with Newcastle Herald and supported by Greater Bank

12 May 2020

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