5 Passive Aggressive Xmas Gifts For The Person You Despise This Christmas!

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11 December 2017

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We've all been there, we've decided to join in with the office Kris Kringle (or Secret Santa) and somehow, you draw the name of the one person you despise.

Even if you're not involved with an event like this, we've all still had to buy a present for someone we're not overly fond of at one point in our lives.


If you've been left in this position this year, we've got your back!

Here are 5 passive aggressive Christmas gifts to give to the person you don't really like that much, because guess what, everyone has to be nice this Christmas!

So here's what you can use to be nice... but also a bit cheeky!

For The Person Who Can Do No Wrong
Image: Etsy

If you know someone who is just too perfect and doesn't seem to do anything wrong, whilst you're being dragged through the dirt, why not give them a friendly Honourable mention ribbon for Adulting?!

You can buy this one on Etsy, but if you're pretty handy with a sewing machine, you can always make one yourself!

For The Person Who Cannot Handle Mess



Okay, there are a few things you could buy this person, but because it's Christmas, this present needs to be festive, so why not make them a glitter bomb?

You can always go a bit further and put something IN the bomb, like a voucher or even a mini duster, but really, a glitter bomb is the best way to go!

For The Person Who CAN Handle Mess & Might Actually Like It!


There's always that one messy person in the office or in the family, so why not give them something they can and probably should, use?!

If it's their desk that needs cleaning, get them some sanitiser or surface wipes; if it's a family member with a messy room, why not get them some air freshener or a laundry basket?

It's the thought that counts... right?

For The Person Who Never Arrives On Time


When you have a meeting scheduled, there's always one person running late for whatever reason, so why not get them a clock?

Better yet, why not get them an alarm clock that will buzz whenever they have another meeting to go to?!

This will also work for your friend who always seems to sleep through your brunch date...

For The Person Who Already Has Everything


Who's the hardest person to shop for/

Your Mum? Or maybe it's your Dad? 

No, it's the person who either already has everything, or simply buys everything they say that they want, leaving you with no idea what to give them.

So just give them an empty box.

They'll probably think you're try to help them de-clutter all of their super cool stuff, anyway!

Have you given a passive-aggressive gift?

Let us know in the comments!

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