5 Of The Most Gut-Wrenching Moments In This Is Us Season 2

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12 September 2018

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There's nothing better than sitting down and having a good cry with your fave TV show right? With the first season come and gone we all know what we are going to get when we sit down to watch This Is Us.

With the second season, it’s clear the emotion turmoil has doubled down leaving us with even more gut-wrenching moments.

Warning: spoilers and tears below…

The Wedding Montage

To begin with Kate, the ultimate daddy’s girl, has to walk down the aisle without her dad, but somehow even though he has long since passed Jack is more part of the moment than anyone else there. The walk down the aisle and the exchanging of the vows is all intercut with a conversation between Jack and Kate years ago on how Kate will find a man better than her father, and he will be the luckiest man in the world! He also goes on to tell his “Katie-girl” that he’ll be there to walk her down the aisle, and he’d make sure the guy was good enough and he’d be crying. You know who’s crying now? Us, that's who.

Season 2, Episode 18

Kevin’s Breakdown

A harsh critique would claim Kevin is the guy that peaked in high school, however that critique would have to look over the football injury that ended his career before it even started, and the guilt he’s dealt with since childhood for not being home when his house caught on fire, causing him to have the same addiction as his father. Warning: the disturbing and shocking scene of a man completely exposed and defenceless is hard-to-watch. Rock bottom happens to coincide with Kevin travelling back to his hometown Pittsburgh, fuelled by alcohol and painkillers, to attend a celebration of his high school achievements. Sitting on his old football field, succumbed to tears, he announces in his best sport-announcer style “Kevin Pearson will walk again, just in time to bury his beloved father.” 

Season 2, Episode 8


The Mother-Daughter Moment After Kate Miscarries

It starts with Kate feeling as though she’s suffering through the tragedy alone, however a knock at the door changes all that. Coming face-to-face with her mother, Kate breaks down in her mother’s arms and embraces her despite their tense relationship. In this moment, they put their difference aside and hold onto one another like only two women who have suffered an unimaginable and complicated loss can. Rebecca admits she never held her child (the third biological child), helps Kate understand that Toby is hurting too and that they need to process their grief together like only a couple can. To dig the knife in deeper in then cuts to Toby doing a very Toby move and intercepting a baby bath they’d ordered at the UPS shipping facility to make sure Kate doesn’t have to see it.

Season 2, Episode 9

The Burning House

Firstly, it’s a montage – has anything good ever come from a montage of a burning house? Secondly, Cinematic Orchestra’s To Build a Home, one of the world’s most emotional songs, is playing while the Pearson’s house is engulfed in flames and your heart is actually ripped from your chest, all because of a faulty Crock-Pot. Jack, in pure Jack fashion, spots the flames just in time and gets his family, dog and a few pieces of family memorabilia out just in time. Throughout all of this angst-y Kevin has gone off to spend the night with his girlfriend Sophie and doesn’t get to make amends with his dad….

Season 2, Episode 13

Rebecca Sees Jack’s Body

First we have to go through the emotional turmoil that is the fire, then we have to watch as Rebecca responds with disbelief to the doctor announcing Jack has had a smoke-induced heart attack. We’ve all seen A Walk to Remember, but this is worse. Cue Mandy Moore running through the hospital to tell Jack about their crazy doctor only to find his lifeless body, then cut to a montage of Jack and Rebecca’s life together than would bring a tear to even the driest of eyes.   

Season 2, Episode 14

Get yourself a box of tissues and bunker down to catch-up on This Is Us Season 2 out now on DVD. 

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