5.5 Mil Glen Iris Fire Station To Be Destroyed

It's Never Been Used!

8 May 2017

Article heading image for 5.5 Mil Glen Iris Fire Station To Be Destroyed

Measure twice, cut once... could have come in handy for developers who created the brand new fire station in Glen Iris.

$5.5 million was splashed on the new fire station, built in 2015... but it's now set to be demolished after a major design fault was discovered.

Get this... the concrete slab wasn't big enough to hold a fire truck! And it'll take millions more to fix the mess.

The development was expected to open 2 years ago, but a long list of problems has drawn out the project. Issues include cracks in the walls, honeycombed concrete, rusted reinforcing and foundations that are metres too short. Engineers have said the structure "wouldn't stand up in a storm".

To recover the huge costs from the stuff up, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade has launched legal proceedings against the builders.

For the meantime our firefighters are working out of their old headquarters at Waverley Road in Malvern East. The new fire station is expected to be completed around July 2018.

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