5 Gift Ideas To Help You Be Dad’s Favourite

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It’s almost that special time of year. No, not Chrissie – that’s a day for any and everyone.

We're talking the special time of year where the daggy jokes let rip, the mixed grill brekky is king and we celebrate the man who embarrassed us endlessly throughout our teenage years… Father’s Day!

Here’s a guide to the best gifts for Dad that’ll make him think you’ve broken the bank… without you actually having to.

#1. Sunbeam Pie Magic Traditional 4 Up piemaker - $69

Give Dad the gift of his dream Saturday lunch.

For the Dad who’s nice as pie! 

Have Dad doling out homemade family pies like a baker on footy day. With pastry and pre-cooked filling, Dad will smash out the piping hot goodness in under 15 minutes. A gift that leads to you being fed a delicious pie? Well, that’s what we call a win-win.

#2. NutriBullet Nutrient Extractor (1000W) - $119

Give Dad the gift of better health and choose-your-own-adventure taste combos.

For the Dad who’s heard of super greens but doesn’t yet fully understand what they are. 

Dad can blast smoothies into the colossal cup for colossal creations, or the short cup when he’s a man on the go. Complete with recipe book to seriously up his smoothie game, this 9 piece set helps Dad get his daily dose of smoothie goodness AND that little thrill of pushing the famous bullet to make the blending magic happen.

#3. Remington Barber’s Best All-In-One Pro grooming kit - $129

Give Dad the gift of being a suave super stud.

 For the Dad whose style game is almost there.

This grooming kit takes care of Dad’s stubble, hair, beard moustache and more. He can keep some length or take it right to a buzz cut, stick with the look he’s rocked since 1987 or mix it up with precise grooming. No matter your Dad’s hair type, the turbo function makes easy work of thick hair. With worldwide voltage, this bad boy even goes cordless.

#4. Bose Soundlink Micro Portable Bluetooth Speaker- $138

Give Dad the gift of tuuunes - anywhere, anytime.

For the Dad who knows music was better in his day! 

This nifty little unit delivers crisp sound and clear detail. With 9 metre range, he can ask Siri or Alexa all the questions he likes through the speaker itself. It’s built tough, made to withstand splashes and Dad’s love of late-70’s bluegrass folk. 

#5. Sennheiser RS120 wireless headphones- $188

Give yourself the gift of not sharing in Dad’s music choices. 

For the Dad whose taste in music is best left between himself and… himself. 

Lightweight and comfy, they’re like your Dad’s fave daggy sandals… except these are stylish. And they’re headphones. Totally wireless headphones, delivering up to 20 hours of well-balanced sound with top-notch bass response.

Not content with being Offspring Of The Year and fancy gunning for Offspring Of The Century?

Then you’re going to need The BrewArt BeerDroid. Dad can brew 10 litres of pub quality beer at the touch of a button, even monitor its progress from his smart phone.

Then he can bust out the BrewArt BrewFlo, chilling and serving his hand-crafted pilsners, lagers, ales and stouts with a bartender’s skill.

Give the gift of Smart Beer!

Show Dad you care, without having to sell a kidney. Score a fatherload of brownie points this Father’s Day.

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19 August 2019

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