5 Adele Covers To Get You Right In The Mood For Seeing Her Live

So much talent covering one of the best.

7 March 2017

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Australia is in glorious @Adele anticipation mode right now, as the star tours Australia.

We can’t wait to see her live, and as such, went trawling the net looking for anything even mildly related to the multi-Grammy award winner.

What we found were a whole bunch of Adele songs covered by a whole bunch of different people… some you may have heard of, some you may have not.

We narrowed it down to 5 corkers, but there are so much more.

Hello - A Reggae Cover


This clip’s had almost 53 million views to date, and it’s not hard to see why. What a version!

Rumour Has It - Glee


Yes, their whole show is about awesome covers, but this is something special!

So is this one… the same song covered by Jeremih.


Rolling In The Deep - Celine Dion


Yes, this Youtube clip is almost unwatchable with all those annoying overlays, but just close your eyes and listen. Celine nails it!

Set Fire To The Rain - Dierks Bentley


Yes, it’s a country dude, but when those violins kick in… OMG!

Someone Like You - Airto


There’s a few covers of this song around that are pretty bloody sweet. We went with Airto simply because he nails it.

To anyone lucky enough to be going to Adele, enjoy!

Written by: @dantheinternut

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